At CareerServices@LASALLE , we aim to build strong networks across the creative industries and connect employers with our multi-talented students and graduates through a targeted career programme, and an exclusive job portal for full and part-time, freelance and internship opportunities.

In addition to providing resources, coaching, resume review and small group training, we facilitate the transfer of industry knowledge and top advice from leading stakeholders to LASALLE students through our annual Career Festival and on-campus industry talks.

We also organise career skills workshops to prepare and empower our students for internships and job placements. These workshops cover Job Search Strategy, Resume Writing, Interview Handling, Personal Branding; Professional Etiquette, LinkedIn Strategy and many more.


EPIC Workshops
  • Plan and conduct of corporate Art and Craft workshops (Crafts related)
  • Develop new workshops catering to corporate workshops (Crafts related)
  • Update social media on events…

Intern will receive practical knowledge on the commercial fashion design and retail work stream.

He/she will be involved in researching and conceptualising a fashion collection based on a…

Hvala Pte Ltd
  • Create short films of 2 to 5 minutes 
  • Involved in planning the shoot: do up storyboarding, ideate and brainstorm with the creative team, ensuring necessary equipment 

Industry Partners

Events & Resources

Stay up to date with the latest talks and career fairs happening at LASALLE.

Schedule a consultation with us for advice on your resume, job search or overall career direction.

The collection comprises a broad selection of career enhancement topical guides from personal branding, resume and cover letter writing to other industry-specific guides.

Master your job search with tips ranging from preparing for your interview to having a professional portfolio.


The Career Services portal is available to all LASALLE students and alumni.